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DVD VOLUME 4: (lessons 13 – 16)

Lesson 13: “Time – Part 3”
      Some of the signs in this lesson: hour, minute, more, during, time, night, next, day, past/last, wake up, spring, fall, summer, winter/cold, when morning, baby, why, because

     Some of the dialogue in this lesson: last night I went to bed at ten o’clock; when did you wake up?; I woke up at 6:07; why did you wake up so early in the morning?; because the baby woke up at 6:03; last night the baby went to bet at 9:00; she slept until 6 o’clock, so she slept 9 hours; she sleeps more during winter

     Fingerspelling practice words: QUIET, QUIT, QUEUE, TIE, THE, TEE, TI, TU-TU

Lesson 14: “Numbers”
      Some of the signs in this lesson: time, age, boy, girl, want, need, can, can’t, child, family, children, many, how many, more, cat, dog, dollars, now, few, have

     Some of the dialogue in this lesson: my family has children; 4 are boys and 1 is a girl; your family has 2 children; 2 girls, no boys; how many children do you want?; I want lots of children; I want lots of children, too; we have 1 baby, we need more children

     Fingerspelling words: NOSE, TOE, TONS, SORE, SORT, TORT, ROE, SET, ROOST

Lesson 15: Review of lessons 11, 12, 13 & 14
     Practice dialogue in this lesson: last winter I wanted to go to 8 football games; how many did you go to?; I went to 3 football games; why didn’t you go to 8 games?; because I didn’t have the time; when did you go?; sometimes in the morning and once at night; I like to go at night; yes, but it’s cold at night; yes, but you are warm

Lesson 16: “Sports”
      Some of the signs in this lesson: football, baseball, tennis, bowling, golf, swimming, skiing, basketball, ice skating, ping pong, roller skating, win, lose, play, like, want, compete, not, always, agent

     Some of the dialogue in this lesson: do you want to play ping pong?; no, I want to play tennis; I don’t want to play tennis; do you want to play golf?; I’m not a good golfer; well, let’s roller skate; no. I want to compete. Let’s bowl; no, you always win and I lose at bowling

     Fingerspelling words: WOW, LOW, LOVE, WELL, WOVE, WOE, VOW, WOOL

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