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DVD VOLUME 9: (lessons 33 – 36)

Lesson 33: “Megan at Two”
      Some of the signs in this lesson: birth, baby, cake, candle, birthday, gift/present, have, ribbon wrap/present, happy, grow up, drink, receive, party, punch, age, year, now, day, child, adult

     Some of the dialogue in this lesson: today is Megan’s birthday; yes, she’s two today; she keeps on growing; she had cake and candles; and got many gifts; the gifts are wrapped with ribbon; she had a party; we drank punch; she is happy today

     Fingerspelling practice words: MAMA, SAM, MEN, MENS, MAN, MASS, SEE, ME, MESA, SEA, SEAMAN, SEAS

Lesson 34: “Food”
      Some of the signs in this lesson: eat/food, hamburger, hotdog, French fries, potato, spaghetti, catsup, later, flavor/taste, chicken, salad, pie, ice cream, chocolate, what, with, like, want, no, too/same, and

     Some of the dialogue in this lesson: I like hotdogs with catsup; I like hamburgers with catsup; the baby likes French fries with catsup; I want to eat chicken and salad later; OK, do you want potato and pie, too?; no, I want spaghetti and ice cream; what flavor do you want?; chocolate ice cream; I want chocolate ice cream and pie; OK, we’ll eat ice cream and pie

     Fingerspelling practice words: TOTO, VETO, OK, VET, TOTE, VOTE, K.O., TOT, TETE, TEE, TO TOO, VEE, EVOKE

Lesson 35: Review of lessons 31, 32, 33 & 34

Practice dialogue in this lesson: my family likes to travel a lot; so does mine, and so do we; the baby like camping; you like to fish and camp; and I like to drive; my parents drive a lot; my parents drive a lot, too; our parents drove here for the baby’s birthday; yes, and she got lots of presents

Lesson 36: “Around the House”

Some of the signs in this lesson: house, home, garden, baby, outdoors, clean, fire, and, together/with, same/too, play, help, dishes, near, sit/chair, popcorn, cook, sew, take care of, like

Some of the dialogue in this lesson: I like to sit by the fire at home; yes, and make popcorn together; I like to cook and take care of the garden; me too, and I like to sew; the baby loves to play; she likes to play outdoors; she likes to help us cook; she helps me sew; she helps with the dishes; she helps clean the house

Fingerspelling practice words: MAX, AX, AXE, OX, MA, AM, EX, EXAM, MAMA, ME, MORN, MAME, MOO

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