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DVD VOLUME 10: (lessons 37 – 40)

Lesson 37: “Holidays and Seasons”
      Some of the signs in this lesson: season/time, winter, spring, summer, fall, Passover, Easter, don’t know, all, better/best, Christmas, new year, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, what, favorite, like, during, my, your, eat, too, yes

     Some of the dialogue in this lesson: what is your favorite season?; I don’t know, I like them all; I like winter best; yes, during winter there’s Christmas and Hanukkah; new year, too; I like spring best; spring is Passover and Easter; during fall is Thanksgiving; yes, we eat and eat and eat; I like to eat during all seasons: winter, spring, summer and fall

     Fingerspelling practice words: HOG, GO, GEM, HE, HOME, EGO, MOM, HOHO, HERE, ME, MEG

Lesson 38: “General Health”
      Some of the signs in this lesson: feel, well, sick, fine, better, yes, how, why, tired, a little
bit, true, less, much, today, tomorrow, will/future, understand, hope, me too, eat

     Some of the dialogue in this lesson: how do you feel today?; fine; a little tired; how do you feel?; I feel a little sick; really? why?; I ate a little too much; I see: I hope you feel better tomorrow; me too: I hope you feel less tired; yes, if you eat less, you will feel better; yes, tomorrow I will eat less; good: and I will rest and feel better, too

     Fingerspelling practice words: ZIP, ZOO, ZAP, PAPA, POPPA, PAP, POO, POOP, PIP,

Lesson 39: “Emotions”
      Some of the signs in this lesson: play, a while, never, baby, yesterday, sometimes, can’t, don’t like, can, hurt, sad, sorry, again, depressed, thrill/delight, feel, happy, almost, but/different

     Some of the dialogue in this lesson: our baby is happy; she is almost never down; but sometimes she feels sad; yes: yesterday she was sad; she cried; I felt sorry she cried; yes, she hurt her hand; she couldn’t play for a while; she doesn’t like not being able to play; she is delighted she can play again

     Fingerspelling practice words: QUITE, QUIT, TEE, QUIET, QUEUE, TIE, IT, TI, TETE, TUT, TUTTI

Lesson 40: Review of lessons 36, 37, 38 & 39

Practice dialogue in this lesson: I feel happy during summer; is summer your favorite season?; yes I have a lot of time at home; I see: I like summer too; why do you like summer?; I’m with you a lot; thank you: we can be with the baby, too; yes: it’s delightful to play with the baby; during the summer we can make (cook) popcorn outdoors; yes, and eat it in the garden

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